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Privacy Policy - AxisVisa Immigration Services

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    Privacy Policy

    AxisVisa Immigration Service understands the importance of personal details and information and is committed to protecting all the private information of the users collected from the website through the newsletter, registration subscriptions, etc.   We want our users to feel safe and secure while providing all the important information online thus we have kept ourselves completely encrypted.

    The privacy policy stated below refers to the information that we collect, access, dispose or transfer. Please note, that the privacy policy stated is for this website only and not for the websites whose links have been attached.

    • When you visit our website we may collect information about you like contact details etc. to help you make better use of our resources. It is requested from the users the information provided should be valid, authentic, and up to date.
    • Among other things, AxisVisa will also keep a track of which pages were visited, when were the pages visited, and which hyperlinks were clicked by the user. AxisVisa also collects information about URLs from which the user was linked to the website.
    • The personal information that is provided by the user is used to answer the queries and also cater to the immigration needs of the users including the training schedules. The information can also be used to follow up with the user and feedback.
    • Only the necessary and relevant information of the user will be collected and it will be lawfully used by AxisVisa.
    • The purpose of the collection of information will be specified at the time of collection of information.
    • The user should inform AxisVisa in case the personal information changes at any point.
    • AxisVisa can share your personal information with the third party in case of a request from public or government authorities, in order to comply with legal processes or to reinforce our terms and conditions.
    • As a user you can request to correct, review, change the personal information that you have provided at any point but a verification check can be conducted by AxisVisa to identify the user.
    • There is no time frame attached to the query handling as the complex problems can take some time. However, AxisVisa aims to reach out to its user as soon as possible.
    • Your personal information is kept secure with authorized employees, staff, and business partners. The access to the data is on a privileged basis.
    • AxisVisa Visas has the right to implement changes to this privacy policy at any time without any notice to the users.

    AxisVisa Immigration Services operates as per the industry’s security standards and information security is given huge importance. Our staff understands the protocol of confidentiality of clients and maintains the security of passwords, user ID, or any other data. Any unauthorized access to personal information is strictly prohibited.

    You are requested to read the following information carefully and understand that the use of this website is subject to the following terms and uses:


    • The content offered on this page is to provide information about immigration services and the models of immigration. This information is for general use only and is subjected to change without any notice.
    • You consent to receive communications from us by way of e-mails, phone calls and SMS’s with respect to your transactions on our Website. Users will be required to register their valid phone numbers and e-mail addresses to facilitate such communication. We may also use your e-mail address to send You updates, newsletters, changes to features of the Service, and the like to provide You better Services.
    • Neither we nor any other third party can provide a guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or suitability of information that is provided on the website for any particular purpose. You as a reader you acknowledge that information or material that is provided on the website can have errors and inaccurate details and the company cannot be held liable for these inaccuracies.
    • At your own risk, you are using the information or material that is posted on the website and Axis visa cannot be held liable for this usage. It is entirely the responsibility of the reader that the information that is provided on the website meets the specific requirements of the reader.
    • Any unauthorized use of the website is a criminal offense
    • The website can offer links to other websites in order to elaborate the information. These links will be provided only to serve the convenience of the readers. We have no control over the content that is used on these linked websites.
    • This website is owned by Axis visa and the content and material that is posted on the website are should not be copied or reproduced under the copyright act, which forms the terms and conditions of this website.
    • There are registration details required from the clients on the website if they want to make use of our resources, as a customer make sure that all the information that you provide is accurate, valid, authentic, and up to date.
    • Axis visa can terminate the access of the user at any time and all the accesses to the website will be constantly monitored.
    • The content and information that is provided on the website are on an is and as available basis.
    • Axis visa cannot be held responsible for damaging somebody’s computer or loss of data due to downloading and saving of certain information. In no event will Axis visa be held liable for damages of any kind including incidental or consequential damages arising due to the use of the website.
    • All the content and graphics that are provided on the website including text, logo, graphics, images, etc. are the intellectual property of Axis visa.
    • As a dedicated organization, the steps that we take to keep the website updated and functional will be foremost and sincere. However, we have no control over the technical issues and the website being temporarily unavailable due to these reasons. Thus, in such cases, the readers should wait for some time as the technical issues can soon be handled and the website will be functional again.
    • For Walk-in consultation, the 10% discount is not applicable for Study Visa applicants, and the discount can only be availed upon enrollment within 7 days of walk-in consultation.
    • The terms and conditions on this website can change from time to time without any notice to the reader.

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